• Thessaloniki is the most important administrative, cultural, and business center in northern Greece, and the second largest city in Greece. It is situated on the Thermaic Gulf, with a population of more than 1.1 million inhabitants.
  • Here you can find a plethora of archaeological, folklore and art museums as well as numerous well known festivals.
  • Thessaloniki is known for its exceptional gastronomy and delicious desserts such as: bougatsa, Panorama’s “Trigona”, Constantinople syrupy sweets & stuffed tsoureki.
  • All beaches in Thessaloniki are easy to access from the city center and most of them are organized with tourist facilities.
  • Thessaloniki displays an impressive number of infrastructural facilities and can support very demanding types of tourism, such as MICE and yachting.
  • It is one of the best nightlife spots in Greece. It is famous for its clubs that stay open all night long and for its cheerful ambience.
  • Perfect for: families, cultural tourism, solo travelling, night life, mice & yachting, culinary tourism.