• Pella has a total population of 19,036 inhabitants and its capital is Edessa.
  • It is named after the ancient city of Pella, the capital of ancient Macedonia and the birthplace of Alexander the Great.
  • Landscapes of natural beauty, areas protected under “Natura 2000” and special protection zones safeguarded by legislation compose the unique ecosystem and priceless natural habitat of Pella.
  • Visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as skiing at the Kaimaktsalan ski resort, rowing at the International Nautical Center Loudias and hiking at the Agras wetland.
  • The place is famous for its local products such as: peaches, kiwis, hot peppers “tsouskes”, fresh crisp, Edessa cherries and honey .
  • Perfect for: cultural tourism, activity tourism, ecotourism.