Cultural tourism

Central Macedonia has an extensive cultural background, offering numerous festivals and cultural activities. Thanks to the long history of the region there are plenty of archaeological sites & folklore museums, as well as museums dedicated to art and cinema.
Some of the most important sights, museums & festivals are:

  • Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai in Vergina in Aiges, the place where Alexander the Great and his father Philip II, were proclaimed kings.
  • City of ancient Pella & Archeological museum of Pella: It is worth seeing the ruins of the Macedonian kingdom of Pella, the Macedonian tombs and the exhibits.
  • Archaeological site of Amphipolis and the Monumental Macedonian Burial Complex of Kasta Tumulus.
  • Thessaloniki International Film Festival
  • Festivals of Sani, Kassandra in Siviri, Thalassa in Nea Moudania, Polygyros